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Understanding Tourism In India

If you are like most people and have been watching the news then you know that India is the new up and coming power country. The biggest attractions that were once only seen in the United States and China are now making their way to India in an effort to take the world by storm and bring in new life to the country, not to mention the new group of wealthy individuals that have flocked there.

There are many things you can see and do in India that most people have no idea about. For instance most people don’t know that that Taj Mahal is in India and that alone will attract more than 3 million people each year. Something most people don’t know about the Taj Mahal is that it was built in memory of the third wife of the builder and is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. The meaning of the building is “Eternal Love”.
Taj Mahal

If you are traveling to India with children then one of the things you may want to do is head to Mubia, India and check out Water Kingdom, India’s largest water theme park. It has more than 79 wet and wild rides that spans more than 64 acres. This water park alone gets more than 1.9 million visitors per year and that number keeps on growing.

India has been a part of many documentaries and movies from all around the world and I know you have seen some of them. One of the most famous movies based in India is, “Slumdog Millionaire” and it has been what has sparked most people to visit India. Just in the movie alone I bet you can think of at least 2 different places to visit and the best part is you can find a child to give you the tour. The nice part about this is that you will be contributing to the Indian economy.

Another thing you may want to see what touring India is the city of Delhi. There is so much in Delhi that you won’t be able to see everything unless you were to spend an entire year there. While you are there you may want to see Humayun’s Tomb. This is one of the most sought after attractions in Delhia and is seen more than 1 million times from tourists alone. If you have some time then I highly recommend that you find a local that is experienced in travel and tourism through India to show you around.
city of Delhi
India is listed as one of the up and coming countries and with that they are first in studies that show which country is going to lead all others in growth and popularity. If you plan on having a great vacation then you should really consider getting an India tour package since then you will be able to see more of the important things in India without wasting your time on planning and learning the cities. There is more and more each day that is happening in India and you need to be a part of it in order to see what all the hype is about.