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North India

What To See In North India

Like most people that travel to places out of their home country they just don’t know exactly what to see and what to do in order to have the most fun. If you are planning on traveling to North India then you need to understand most important part about seeing another country is that you need to know what you are doing and what you will see in order to make each minute count.

There are many things to see in North India such as water features, mountains, architecture, temples, people, and different cultures. What most people don’t know about North India is that fact that it is home to the Himalayas which is one of the most known landmarks in the entire world. Another thing most people don’t know about North India is that it is home to many of the worlds billionaires, has more people in that region than any other in all of India.

And is also know for:
Blue mango in Himalaya Mountains
Blue Mango – If you have never heard of the Blue Mango then I am not surprised because many people don’t even know that it exists, but the fact is that it is a very surreal and peaceful place for you to be. The best part about Blue Mango is that it is right in the middle of the Himalaya Mountains and because of that the water is always warm and fresh. If you want to have a very relaxing and peaceful day then take yourself to Blue Mango within the Himalayas and see for yourself.

Qutab MinarQutab Minar – This structure although beautiful beyond belief is one of the most outrageously built structures in all of India back in it’s time. The building is said to have been built to signify the start of Muslim rule in India but that is not a proven theory. Most people don’t know much about Qutab Minar and the reason is because nobody knows anything for sure and whether it is a true story or a belief. Another thing most people that live by and visit this structure don’t know is that it took 168 years to build this 5 story structure and also took 2 different people with the vision. Don’t think that you can miss this because traveling to India isn’t going to happen often so make sure you see this while you get the chance.

Golden Temple of AmritsarGolden Temple of Amritsar – If you have ever wanted to see one of the most sacred places in the world then you are in luck because it is right here in North India. If you travel to North India then you need to see this temple because it is the most beautiful piece of architecture that you will ever lay eyes on and it is the sacred temple of the religion of Sakhism. What most people don’t know about the temple of Amritsar is that the lake is being supplied water from an underground spring and that pilgrims would immerse in the water as a symbolic cleansing of the soul. As you can imagine this was something that took place often and was one of the most visited places in the region.