North India. Report about trip. (part 2)

Day 5-8:
In trainSitting on the train in Agra we moved to Jaipur. After six hours we arrived in this wonderful city. Trains are very funny – not to steal luggage, all passengers buy special locks, which are tied to their baggage shelves. And the shoes put on the fan, fastened to the ceiling – is considered conditioned first-class carriage. We followed this rule, so we were not robbed.

RajasthanJaipur is in state of Rajasthan, known for its bright colors, fair camels and elephants, as well as friendly people. This land is still the home of the rajas and the Maharajah, who built palaces in the middle of lakes. Everywhere dominated by luxury, and the descendants of former rulers are invited into their homes, curious tourists, to show them a fabulous past.

JaipurWith regard to population, it is really very generous. Upon arrival at the station, we sat in a rickshaw, who advised us the hotel of his “friend”. Whatever it was, but we got a beautiful room with a hot shower for $5 per day. With regard to hot water, then India, has great faults with it. Rickshaw was so nice that in the next few days took us to interesting places in the morning until late at night, for 200 rupees ($4). Sure, we gave him much more because of this friendliness not seen anywhere else. His tuk-tuk I forgot my Lonely Planet on India. In the next six months he called me and was trying to send it by mail.

Jantar MantarIn Jaipur and around the main places that are worth visiting are: the Palace of Winds (Hawa Mahal), the ancient observatory of Jantar Mantar-fort Amer, temple monkeys, silver shops.

Hawa MahalHawa Mahal – City Palace, located in the heart of the city. You can see a collection of fabrics, urban weapons, paintings and carpets there. Inside the courtyard are the servants of the colorful costumes of the time, you can take some photo of them, but be prepared that they ask for money, in such cases you should always keep to yourself small rupees.Jaipur panorama

Amer Fort is situated on a mountain, with beautiful views of the surrounding area of Jaipur. It is situated in a small distance from the city, but any rickshaw gladly undertake to take place. Before the rise of the hill pitch a small park that is home to great apes. As it turned out, they are very like to eat flowers, so when I went there with a hung a garland of flowers around my neck after one temple, they ran in all haste to me from different sides, and almost eaten me with these flowers.Monkey in Fort Amer

By the way, climbing the mountain (there is a very small lift, not heavy) is carried out for those wishing to beautiful painted elephants (elephants rolling in the Amer). Fort itself is interesting for its mosaic walls in some places.Sights from the mountain

Another place – the temple of the monkeys. To reach it, you must once again climb the mountain. From the mountain is a great sight to the city. In a small church sat the women, making garlands of flowers. You can greet them and chat. With English in India, there are no problems, everywhere it is spoken, however, peculiarly, with an Indian accent. Elephant

Evening rickshaw took us into the ethnic village where you can have a good time, enjoy dinner and traditional performances of the Indians.

Individual attention in the Indian jewelry. Jaipur is famous for its excellent products. In addition, India – in the first place for the extraction of silver, you can buy beautiful items with precious and semiprecious stones, the price – cheap by our standards.
Temple of the monkeysWomen in the church
Day 8-13:
Direct train Jaipur – Varanasi brought us to this holy city in 20 hours. The most startling, that there exists a ritual puja. During this nightly ritual, when 5 Brahmins say goodbye to their mother – the river Ganga to the next day, there is a sensation of something unreal. Do not know where you are, it’s like between heaven and earth. Meditative, penetrating into the soul of Om, incense, traffic flares in the night sky to remember. This is the most beautiful ceremony I’ve ever seen, so it is heartfelt. Hundreds of tourists watching the ceremony from the boats.

Varanasi deserves a separate story, which was published earlier on this site: What to do in Varanasi?

Colors of IndiaRoad Varanasi – Delhi takes about 17 hours, the cost – about $15 for a seat in first-class carriage. Very often, the tourists have stomach problems while traveling. There is a very good medicine, in India, that is sold in pharmacies there. You just need to ask the sellers, they all know it. Half an hour – all the symptoms will be removed.

My journey ended again complete delight from this country. People correctly say – or you will hate India during first visit or if you really love her, you’ll go there again and again. So it happened to me. I was in the north, south, traveled to many holy cities, even lived in an ashram in the very first trip, it would seem – what else to do? But it pulls me back, a lot remains unknown, and the paint there beckon, and color, and tradition …