Goa. Our dream come true. (part 1)

Our travel to this mysterious country has begun on March, 25th. Flied together with the friend. Northern Goa, Kandolim, hotel RAZERES RESORT GOA.Great Goa

Leaving on a gangway from the plane and having made the first breath air of Goa, you understand that home is far and it is possible not to think any more about what besides how to spend these 2 weeks so that impressions would suffice still at least before following holiday.

Shortly before a departure I have read a heap of notes and stories on this site, and it were possible to tell we are prepared. And already had small idea about India.

The first about what is to be told, it is the Airport. On a habit have risen about a tape in expectation of suitcases … but none of them weren’t there. All suitcases were exposed simply on a floor. Having gone on searches of the bags, we were expected by a meeting with the first Hindu which has decided to help them to find to us, for what has then shown in a palm 5 dollars. Having seized suitcases left the airport on a meeting with the guide, but here again it … in impudent has snatched out at us suitcases and has run to the bus, this time in a palm the denomination in 10 dollars has already seemed!

Time about 5 mornings and we happy go to our hotel … on the way I began to dawn … knew that in India untidily … but here that that you see it in a reality is inexplicable … it would be desirable to shout to the driver «Return me back Home!!!» The red dust, garbage, break roads, dogs, cows, dirty and ugly buildings, I even was afraid to present how our hotel looks like … and here at last it looks! Beautiful and well-groomed, with eternally smiling security guard. Us without problems have occupied in number which has appeared rather quite good and even with new furniture.
Having changed clothes as we have gone certainly to the sea. 6 AM … Deserted streets … warm water in the sea … and big waves!!! As small children jumped on waves, having forgotten that some hours ago we were in cold Northern country.

Goa martketHindus people affable and eternally smiling, people which quickly forget that that bad and rejoice to each day, like to be photographed with tourists and always sincerely are interested «How are you?». And how it could be another way? Here even dogs smile. By the way here it is a lot of them, tender in the afternoon and far rather offensive after a sunset.

The two first day we have spent on Kandolim-Kalangut, and on the third it wanted adventures and we taking a taxi for 1800 rupees have gone on falls of Dudsagar. Having reached to Kolema by a taxi, we have changed it for a “jeep” for 300 rupees each person. I imagined a “jeep” on another way … Road to falls was as on a roller coaster … and through the water and on breakages … earlier and it still all on stones … a head was shaking in terrible way. After arriving the place, they had given to us of only 40 minutes!!! But unless there is a choice? And here we already in an environment of monkeys … I love them since the childhood. We have fed them with chips, tomatoes and bananas (we forgot to buy them at an entrance, therefore took from generous passers-by). And here before eyes it, yes, the first emotions certainly strong … powerful, high, beautiful … but I expected something greater … in general in my opinion, the long road didn’t cost that.